Taking Flight From Amal Academy

Amina Rahim
2 min readMar 7, 2021


Taking Flight (Last Session)

After the successful completion of learning sessions from Amal Academy, a session called “Taking Flight” was held. This session was concerned more about connection between teachers and students or among everyone involved in the batch. We get an opportunity to talk and connect with fellows and teachers and have an emotional uplift. We enjoyed it, we had fun, we danced and had a great time to collect many beautiful memories in this session.

In Touch with Amal Fellows

No doubt, the time I spent with all my Amal fellows was great and fruitful for professional as well as personal life. So I want to and I definitely plan to keep in touch with my fellows. We are connected on social media as well as we have become good friends. There will definitely, a connection between us.

Amal Learning in Future Life

Due to my weaknesses in confidence, communication skills and professional life awareness, I joined Amal to get hold on all of these. Now I have learnt a lot and boosted my confidence, communication skills, career awareness, presentation skills, writing skills and many more areas so I will be utilising all of these throughout my life. I will be doing the following thing with good manners throughout my life:

  1. Writing great resume and cover letter
  2. Applying on jobs that matches my education and skills
  3. Giving interviews with great confidence
  4. Communicate with people in effective manner
  5. Effectively Lead a team or work with a team
  6. Organising the work and manage time
  7. and many more things related to my career building and professional life.

My Last words

“I feel no hesitation saying that Amal Academy has changed my life by providing great learning opportunities, interacting with such great teachers and fellows, working on good projects and giving my confidence to accelerate well in my life. I will definitely spread the knowledge to others and put a great impression of Amal on everyone. I would like to say thank you to my teachers and wish them countless blessings and happiness.”