My 5 Acts of Kindness

Amina Rahim
2 min readDec 12, 2020


1 — Take care of Little Kittens

Their mother often left them hungry so I take care of them and offer them food. I took them to their mother so that she do not have to worry about.

2 — Help my Neighbors in Fields

I visited my village and helped my neighbors in fields. I helped them in collecting vegetables and plucking beans from plants.

3 — Cooked Favorite Food Of my Husband

My husband loves to eat Vegetable Pilaf or biryani so I cooked for him. As a purpose of make him happy :-)

4— Helped a Girl in Admission process

Visited LCWU with a girl and take part in her admission process as well helped her in all matters.

5 — Helps my Mother in Kitchen

Even I have tough routine, I do not miss even a single day to help my mother in household work. It’s always a pleasure to make her take much rest and do the things myself. We cooked delicious SAAG :-)