Imdaad Life Education Initiative

Amina Rahim
3 min readDec 24, 2020


What is my Idea?

As my mega project in Amal Fellowship, I choose to work on something beneficial to society. My aim is to help thousands of poor people to enable them to educate their children. The idea is titled as “Imdaad Life Education Initiative” which supports the children whose parents are no more or can not afford to educate them even at primary level. This initiative will help them get education in good schools and provide them with all needs like uniform, fee, books, stationery, bags and shoes.

What is my Inspiration and research?

In order to get more closer to implementation, I started my research on many aspects like poverty level in Pakistan, literacy rate and conditions on education in villages. I came to know that a noticeable population of children are not able to get education even in their childhood because of the demise of one of their parents or poverty level. In order to gain funds for this initiative, I will collect funds from my social circle, my family members, my relatives, and the employed community.

The Initial Step!

As a first step, I visited my neighbours and found 2 children aged 5–8 years deprived of education due to the bad financial situation of their parents. I enrolled them in a well known education institute named “Khadija-tul-Kubra Grammar School” and provided them with uniforms, bags, stationary, books, notebooks and fees for 3 months. This step inspired me to continue doing the same but on a bigger level.


To support thousands of such students in Pakistan, I joined my husband’s initiative named Imdaad Life and got permission to start this project under his startup organization. This idea will help thousands of people and boost my confidence to do a lot more welfare in future. Along with inspirations that I will gain from this project, I will get a chance to interact with people and communicate with them for a good cause. I will have a chance to improve my leadership skills as well as organizational skills