How I started at Amal Academy?

Amina Rahim
2 min readFeb 19, 2021


Even after the completion of MS (Environmental Science), I used to have a lot of confusions and fear about career initialization and interacting with people in my field. Considering my weaknesses and fears, My husband asked me to join Amal Academy and gain the benefit. First two weeks were very exciting as I felt pleased to join such sessions.

The only thing I was concerned about in the start of joining Amal Academy, was lack of confidence and overcoming the fears of communicating. As I moved along with the journey, I came to know about my strengths and creativity leve. Encouragement given by teachers made me believe in actually being able to improve my writing, communication, presentation, career building skills. Awards given by Amal Academy were a source of potential motivation and encouragement for me.

As I mentioned before, there is only one person who not only recommended but supported me to join Amal academy is my husband, Adil. As per task demand, I would definitely like to share some photos taken from my phone.

In the start, feelings were amazing, I experienced something that allowed me to enhance my skills and utilize my strength in a better way.

I learnt how to communicate with, how to present myself, how to do activities and manage manners and write creatively. In fact, I discovered some of the hidden strengths of mine and utilized them in doing my weekly projects.

I discovered that I have potential to do creative things, write creatively, perform tasks perfectly, prepare professional documents and presentations. I discovered myself as a better team member and collaborator.