Amina Rahim
3 min readFeb 11, 2021


My Amal Family (Batch 164)💕

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the FIRST STEP.

Joining the AMAL Fellowship proved a right decision for me. My Husband recommended this to me because I desperately wanted to boost my confidence level and communication skills at that time in order to make my career. It was my first ever experience of taking sessions online while interacting with fellow fellows and my PM and PA. I faced a lot of difficulties in the start of this fellowship like time management issues, facing difficulties in learning group discussions while interacting with fellows due to lack of self-confidence etc. There was even a time when I wanted to quit this course but then my Father and my Husband encouraged me a lot and I quit my decision. I learned that adversities and challenges in life are opportunities for me to learn and grow. I go through this adversity concept in the Amal Online Course of ‘5 Secrets of Positive Thinking’.

We do better in life when seeing adversity as opportunities.

“Every challenge, every adversity, contains within the seeds of opportunity and growth.”

The most important things that kept me motivated throughout this journey was the Amal principle of Khudi (Self-Reflection) and Kam, Kam and Kam. Also amal online sessions, PWs and online courses were really fun and full of hope. This fellowship helped me to come out of my comfort zone.

There were also many many new things and concepts that I heard and learned from the Fellowship for the first time in my life like Pomodoro Technique. It is very difficult to select just one single most important lesson throughout the fellowship. But I have the one most important lesson which I have learned during my fellowship and that is “Amal 4 Principles of Progress”. These four principles are listed below:

  1. AMAL (#just start)
  2. KHUDI (Self-reflection)
  3. KAM KAM or KAM
  4. AIK or AIK GAYARA (Teamwork)

All these principles as mentioned above are very practical. And I have also implemented these principles and got positive results. Like I started doing things without thinking too much as #juststart. Second thing is the concept of khudi means self-reflection. In this section of Khudi we did an amazing activity as we identified and listed down our weaknesses and strenghts then just started working on them. And the 3rd principle which I have followed the most is hard work. It developed the habit of continuous working in me. And I have realized the importance of teamwork.

I also go through the MOCK INTERVIEWS and received so valuable feedback from my Interviewer, Mr. Awais. And I’m trying to improve my weak areas during the interview. I also learned how to design a professional resume and cover letter, how to go an extra mile for a job/internship interview and most importantly how to say gratitude to people.

Last but not the least I have learned and enjoyed this fellowship that made me attached and most importantly made me with a growth mindset. We became an amal family in this journey. I’ll make sure the journey remains one that can be cherished for long. I also recommended this fellowship to all my friends and cousins that they should join Amal academy in order to get benefits from it and make their professional career.

Journey don’t end. They just turn into a new beginning.